Setting Shipping Methods

You must have at least one shipping method set up before customers can purchase items from your store. The more Shipping Methods the better, as it attracts a greater number of customers.

Once you own a store you can now add shipping methods by clicking on the big green ‘Add Shipping Method button’ found by going to the My Store section, then clicking the settings tab and then the Shipping Methods button.

Clicking the 'Add Shipping Method' button gives you the option to create your own shipping method from a blank form by selecting 'Normal Custom Method' or to create your shipping method by editing a prefilled in form by selecting an Example Method e.g. 'Royal Mail Large Letter 1st Class'. We shall descirbe how you set up a 'Normal Custom Method' this can be sped up by using an Example Method but please note the Example Methods contain the data for the actual postage restrictions, you should therefore change many of the default options to take account of your packaging. For example, if the allowed width for posting is 10cm, our default width would be set to 10cm but you may want to change it to 8cm so that when you have a Lego item that is 8cm wide when it is suitably packaged up ready for shipping it still fits within the 10cm postal limit. You will need to decide how much to reduce it by to accomodate for the type of packaging you use.

This help page is under construction, in the mean time, email us if you are stuck.